Item Description

Flanged Layin troffer is used on drywall ceiling applications, 1'x4', 2'x2', 2'x4' sizes magnetic (T12), and electronic(T8).

Offered with 6' whip and major brand lamps standard.

Other variations and voltages other than 120V are offered, please specify.

1'x4' Part No.: LYF14-240LW (Magnetic),

LYF14-232LW (Electronic)

2'x2' Part No.: LYF22-U40LW (Magnetic)

LYF22-U32LW (Electronic)

2'x4' Part No.: LYF24-240LW (Magnetic)

LYF22-232LW (Electronic)

2'x4' Part No.: LYF24-340LW (Magnetic)

LYF22-332LW (Electronic)

2'x4' Part No.: LYF24-440LW (Magnetic)

LYF22-432LW (Electronic)