Item Description

Damp or wet location fiberglass enclosed fluorescent fixture.

Clear acrylic lens, fully gasketed housing, that can be wall, pendant or surface mounted. single lamp, double lamp and tandem fixtures.

Cold weather ballast for freezer and/or cooler applications are offered in 4' and 8' sizes. Marine (engine compartments), stairways, hallways, nurseries, any outdoor application.

Specify "WET" whenever it is going to be in direct contact with water.

Sturdy durable construction provides a degree of resistance to corrosive atmospheres, non hazardous dust enviroments and to water spray, splashing or where hose downs frequently occur.

Available in T12, T8 and T5 applications.

Various voltages other than 120V, please specify.

Sizes: 2', 4', 8'. One, two and tandem lamp application.

Replacement lenses are readily available:

  • 6-3/8"x25-11/16": PN VTN217LENS
  • 7-1/4"x25-11/16": PN VT217LENS
  • 6-3/8"x49-1/2": PN VTN232LENS
  • 7-1/4"x49-1/2": PN VT232LENS
  • 7-1/4"x51-7/8": PN VT232LENS52
  • 6-3/8"x97-11/16": PN VTN296LENS
  • 7-3/8"x97-3/4" : PN VT296LENS
  • 7-3/8"x101-15/16" PN VT296LENS102

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