Item Description


Fluorescent tube guards for T12 lamps available in 4' and 8' lengths with endcaps.

Colors: Clear, Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and yellow.

T8's are available in 4' clear and colors and 8' lengths in clear only, endcaps are included. Packed 24 per case.

Tube guards provide full protection against the inherent dangers of fluorescent lamp breakage by retaining the shattered glass and phosphors.

They are made of clear extruded polycarbonate, featuring high tensile strength over a wide temperature range and high impact strength even at low temperatures.

Tube guards meet OSHA, FDA, NEC and USDA requirements.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires meat packing plants to have acceptable protection for fluorescent lamps.

The FDA requires lamps suspended over exposed food, in any step of preparation, must be of the safety type or otherwise protected to prevent food contamination in case of breakage.

Edsun's tube guards allow lamps to meet these requirements. Fluorescent lamp "tube guard" sleeves provide exposed lamps protection against dirt, dust, bugs and flying insects. They reduce cleaning cycles and minimize lamp replacement due to breakage.

These sleeves are for use in Museums, Art Galleries, Libraries, Department Stores, Food Processing Plants, Schools, Hospitals and other areas where contaminations may occur due to lamp breakage. Edsun U.V. composition (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) shall effectively resist ultraviolet light emission because of the selective transmittance characteristics which filter out U.V. rays from 0 to 385 nanometers. Shall be made of extruded acrylic UVA-7 formulation.

End Caps are made of a snug fitting heat resistant polypropylene plastic.

The caps will hold the lamps in place even if broken and will prevent the tubes from falling.