FXL 1000

FXL 250-400

Item Description

"FXL400" Series 16"x16"

"FXL1000" Series 23"x23"

"FXL"="Extra Large Flood" is offered with a trunnion bracket for flat surface mounting and slip fitter for pole or "bullhorn" mounting.

Adjustable aiming over 180° can be securely locked in place.

Architectural bronze finish.

Supplied with major brand multi tap ballasts (4 tap) and lamp.

480V ballasts are available, please specify.

Lamp comes mounted in a vertical position on the fixture.

•Part no: FXLMH175(or 250or 400) MTMOG in Metal Halide

•Part no: FXLHPS150(or 250 or 400)MTMOG in High Pressure Sodium

•Part no: FXLMH1000 or(1500W)MTMOG in Metal Halide

•Part no: FXLHPS1000MTMOG in High Pressure Sodium