Item Description

The narrow T5 fluorescent strip uses the latest technology universal voltage ballasts and lamps.

Ideal for most fluorescent lighting applications, including general illumination, cove lighting and display cases.

Designed for ceiling, wall mounting or chain hanging.

Uses efficient T5 lamps or T5HO lamps for up to 70% more light output.

Die formed 21 gage cold rolled baked white enamel, all close tolerance snap-fit construction.

The body is 1-5/8"W and 1-3/8"H. 2-7/16" is the total height including the socket 1/2" KO on end plates. 22" CT5-114 or CT5124HO, 34" CT5121 or CT5139HO, 46" CT5128 or CT5154HO, 58" CT5135 or CT5180HO.

This fixture can also be made into a single or double "sidemount" strip.

Please see "sidemounts" for more information and part numbers.